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Z28 Destroyer

Service Data

In Service: 9 August 1941 to 6 March 1945

Production Data

Builder: Deschimag, Bremen
Construction No: 962
Laid down: 30 November 1939
Launched: 20 August 1940
Commissioned: 9 August 1941

Technical Data

Type: Destroyer / Zerstörer
Class: Zerstörer 1936A "Narvik"

Displacement: 2,596 tons standard 3,519 tons full load
Length: 127 m
Beam: 12 m
Draft: 4.43 m
Propulsion: 2 × shafts 2 × Wagner geared turbines producing up to 70,000 shp
Speed: 37.5 knots
Range: 2,900 nautical miles at 19 knots
Crew: 330 men and officers
4 × 15 cm L/48 SK C/36
carried 480 rounds
4 × 3.7 cm L/83 SK C/30
carried 8000 rounds
10 × 3.7 cm L/83 SK C/30 after 1944-45
6 × 2 cm MG L/65 C/30
carried 10000 to 14000 rounds
12 × 2 cm MG L/65 C/30 after 1942
carried 24000 to 32000 rounds
10 × 2 cm MG L/65 C/30 after 1944-45
8 × 53.3 cm torpedo tubes
12 × torpedo's carried
60 mines
Operators: Kriegsmarine

Other: Destroyers



9 August 1941
The destroyer Z28 is commissioned.

6 March 1945
The destroyer Z28 is sunk by the British RAF. 150 crew lost. Position 54° 30N 19° 40E.


Sorry No Image AvailableHans Erdmenger
Takes command on August 1941
Ends command on February 1943

Sorry No Image AvailableGünter Schulz
Takes command on February 1943
Ends command on February 1943

Sorry No Image AvailableHans-Jürgen Reinicke
Takes command on February 1943
Ends command on March 1943

Sorry No Image AvailableKarl Adolf Zenker
Takes command on March 1943
Ends command on January 1944

Sorry No Image AvailableHeinrich Gerlach
Takes command on January 1944
Ends command on July 1944

Sorry No Image AvailableHeinrich Gerlach
Takes command on August 1944
Ends command on October 1944

Sorry No Image AvailableCarl-Heinrich Lampe
Takes command on January 1945
Ends command on March 1945


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