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Minesweepers / Minensuchboote


Minesweepers (Minensuchboote) were used for a number of tasks during the war. These ships proved to be extremely versatile and seaworthy. These vessels could also undertake convoy escort, anti-submarine warfare and minelaying tasks as well as minesweeping. These vessels were manufactured at the following naval dockyards.

AG Neptun, Rostock
Atlas-Werke AG, Bremen
Deutsche Werft AG, Hamburg
Elsflether Werk AG, Elsfleth
Flender-Werke AG, Lübeck-Siems
F. Schichau GmbH, Elbing
F. Schichau GmbH, Königsberg
HC Stülcken Sohn, Hamburg
J & K Smit's Scheepswerven, Kinderdijk
Lindenau, Memel
Lübecker Maschinenbau Gesellschaft, Lübeck
N.V. Boele's Scheepswerfen & Maschinefabriek, Bolnes
N.V. Dok & Werf Mij Wilton-Fijenoord, Schiedam
N.V. Koninklijke Mij. "De Schelde", Vlissingen
N.V. L. Smit & Zoon Scheeps-en Werktuig Bouw, Kinderdijk
N.V. Maschinefabriken & Scheepswerf van P. Smit Jr, Rotterdam
N.V. Nederlandse Dok & Scheepsbouw Mij, Amsterdam
N.V. Scheepsbouwerf Gebroeders Pot, Bolnes
N.V. Werf Gusto Firma v/h A.F. Smulders, Schiedam
Nederlandse Scheepsbouw Mij, Amsterdam
Rickmers Werft AG, Wesermünde
Rotterdamsche Droogdok Mij, Rotterdam
Schiffbau Gesellschaft Unterweser AG, Lehe
Stettiner Oderwerke AG, Stettin
v.d. Giessen & Zonens Scheepwerfen, Krimpen a/d Ijssel
Verschure & Co's Scheepswerf & Maschinefabrik, Amsterdam

The surviving Minesweepers (Minensuchboote) ended up being distributed amongst the allies. 6 were used by the United States Labour Service (LSU),102 by the German mine sweeping Administration (GMSA) 12 by the Office of Military Government, United States (OMGUS). 11 boats were transferred back to the post-war German Federal Navy (Bundesmarine) in 1956.

Some minesweepers saw service right into the late 1980's. For extra maneuverability, the use of Voith-Schneider propellers was used on M 1 M 2 M 25 M 26 M 27 M 28 M 29 M 30 M 31 M 32 M 33 M 34 M 35 M 36.


M 5 Minesweeper picture 1
M 8 Minesweeper picture 1
M 85 Minesweeper picture 1
M 104 Minesweeper picture 1
M 132 Minesweeper picture 1
M 608 Minesweeper picture 1


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