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Messerschmitt Me 609


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Service Data

In Service:

Production Data

First Flight:
Manufacturer: Messerschmitt
Number built:

Technical Data

Type: Heavy fighter, long range reconnaissance project

Crew: man
Length: 9.72 m
Wingspan: 15.75 m
Wing area:
Height: 3.43 m
Empty: 5,247 kg
Loaded: 6,534 kg
Engine: 2 × Daimler-Benz DB 603G 12 cylinder liquid cooled supercharged inverted Vee piston engine producing up to1,900 hp each
Maximum speed: 760 km/h
Service ceiling:
2 × 30 mm MK 103 cannons
2 × 30 mm MK 108 cannons
Bomb load up to 500 kg
Operators: Luftwaffe

Other: Projects


The Messerschmitt Me 609 was a short-lived Second World War Luftwaffe project which brought together two fuselages of the Messerschmitt Me 309 fighter prototype together to form a heavy fighter. The project was started in response to a 1941 Reich Air Ministry requirement for a new Zerstörer (heavy fighter) to replace the Messerschmitt Bf 110 in a minimum time and with minimum new parts. Messerschmitt's response was the Messerschmitt Me 609, which would use the failed Me 309 project to form the groundwork of the new fighter. The company had actually thought over several twin-boom versions of its Messerschmitt Bf 109 line including the Messerschmitt Bf 109Z which joined two Messerschmitt Bf 109's and the Messerschmitt Me 409 which used two Messerschmitt Me 209 II aircraft.

The Messerschmitt Me 609 would have joined the two Messerschmitt Me 309 fuselages with a new centre wing section into which the two inboard wheels of the landing gear would retract. The Messerschmitt Me 609 kept the Messerschmitt Me 309's tricycle undercarriage which resulted in an awkward six wheel arrangement. The Messerschmitt Me 609 would have had its cockpit in the port fuselage, the starboard being smoothed over.

The finished project would have been used as both a heavy fighter and Schnellbomber, but by the time designs were being ironed out, the revolutionary Messerschmitt Me 262 turbojet nullified the need for further piston engined fighter design.


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