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Dornier Flugzeugwerke

Aircraft Manufacturer

Dornier Flugzeugwerke


Dornier Flugzeugwerke was a German aircraft manufacturer founded in Friedrichshafen in 1914 by Claudius Dornier, Aircraft built by Dornier Flugzeugwerke include.

Aircraft Built

Dornier Do 10 was a experimental single seat single engine parasol wing monoplane engine could be tilted for take of also known as Dornier C 1

Dornier Do 11 was a twin engines shoulder wing medium bomber

Dornier Do 12 Libelle III was a two seat single engine shoulder wing amphibian for sports and touring use, engine above wing with pusher propeller

Dornier Do 13 was a development of the Do 11

Dornier Do 14 was a experimental flying boat with shoulder wing stabilising sponsons and pylon mounted shaft driven pusher propeller

Dornier Do 15 was a RLM designation of the Dornier Militär-Wal twin engines flying boat

Dornier Do 17 Flying Pencil was a four seat twin engines slim fuselage shoulder mounted wing and a single fin and rudder bomber

Dornier Do 18 was a twin engines flying boat and bomber, reconnaissance

Dornier Do 19 was a four engines low wing bomber with twin fins and rudders development ordered 1935 only three prototypes

Dornier Do 20 was a projected in 1935 as aerodynamically improved version of the Dornier X flying boat eight engines high wing monoplane

Dornier Do 22 was a three seat single engine seaplane torpedo bomber and reconnaissance

Dornier Do 23 was a twin engines high wing medium bomber with fixed undercarriage over a hundred built for the Luftwaffe

Dornier Do 24 was a three seat three engines bomber, reconnaissance and air sea rescue flying boat

Dornier Do 25 was a number issued to Dornier but not used for an aircraft until 1953

Dornier Do 26 was a twin engines four seats cantilever shoulder mounted wing and retractable stabilising floats only six were built

Dornier Do 27 was a number issued to Dornier but not used for an aircraft until 1954

Dornier Do 29 was a project for medium bomber and heavy fighter in 1934 to same specification as Fw 57, Hs 124, Ju 85, and Ju 88

Dornier Do 212 was a experimental four seat single engine amphibian with pusher propeller at tail only one built prototype 1941

Dornier Do 214 was a eight engines transatlantic flying boat project for 40 passengers . Designed in 1941 after tests with Gö 8 model. Four pusher and four tractor airscrews

Dornier Do 215 was a four seat twin engine bomber and night fighter

Dornier Do 216 was a smaller version of Do 214 flying boat for military use with four or six engines not built

Dornier Do 217 was a three seat twin engine bomber and night fighter

Dornier Do 218 Project

Dornier Do 221 Project

Dornier Do 317 was a four seat twin engine prototype heavy bomber developed from the Do 217

Dornier Do 318 was a projected version of the Do 24 T-2 flying boat with boundary layer suction wings

Dornier Do 335 Pfeil (Arrow) was a single seat twin engine push-pull engine configuration fighter and bomber

Dornier Do 435 was a development of the Do 335 fighter

Dornier Do 535 was a development of the Do 335 fighter with rear piston engine removed and replaced with a turbojet

Dornier Do 635 was a project for coupling two Do 335 fighters together side by side to produce a four engines long range reconnaissance aircraft

Major Internal Projects

Dornier P.247/6 Fighter bomber with pusher airscrew
Dornier P.252 Three seat night and bad weather fighter with contra rotating pusher propellers
Dornier P.256 Jet heavy fighter developed from Do 335
Dornier P.? Jet fighter with canard layout

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