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Gothaer Waggonfabrik AG Gotha


Gothaer Waggonfabrik AG Gotha Aircraft and Vehicle Manufacturer


Gothaer Waggonfabrik AG was a German aircraft and vehicle manufacturer founded in 1898, Aircraft and vehicles built by Gothaer Waggonfabrik AG include.

Aircraft Built

Gotha Go 145 was a two seat single engine biplane trainer

Gotha Go 146 was a twin engine low wing light transport and communications aircraft for three passengers 1935

Gotha Go 147 was a experimental two seat single engine tailless aircraft with sweptback wing with endplate fins and rudders 1936 prototype

Gotha Go 148 Project

Gotha Go 149 was a single seat single engine low wing cabin monoplane of 1936 for advanced trainer

Gotha Go 150 was a two seat twin engines low wing cabin tourer

Gotha Go 229 was a single seat twin jet flying wing tailless fighter aircraft only three built prototype

Gotha Go 241 was a four seat twin engines communications aircraft

Gotha Go 242 was a two seat carry 20 fully laden troops transport glider

Gotha Go 244 was a powered version of the Gotha Go 242 transport glider

Gotha Go 245 Project

Gotha Go 267 Project

Gotha Go 345 was a shoulder wing troops transport glider

Gotha Ka 430 was a transport glider with shoulder wing tricycle undercarriage tail boom and single fin and rudder developed from the Go 242B glider prototype

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Vehicles Built

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Major Internal Projects

Gotha Gob P.3 Heavy fighter to same specification as the Ju 88
Gotha P.8 Fighter
Gotha P.9 Sports aircraft
Gotha P.10 Touring aircraft
Gotha P.11 Basic trainer
Gotha P.12 Touring aircraft
Gotha P.14 Fighter P.14.012 was a seaplane
Gotha P.16 Light fighter
Gotha P.17 Training aircraft
Gotha P.20 Fighter
Gotha P.21 Training aircraft
Gotha P.35 Twin boom aircraft
Gotha P.40B Asymmetric transport
Gotha P.45 Transport
Gotha P.46 Twin boom transport
Gotha P.47 Cargo glider
Gotha P.50 Canard cargo glider
Gotha P.52 Jet fighter
Gotha P.53 Jet fighter
Gotha P.56 Mistel type glider auxiliary fuel tank
Gotha P.57 Mistel type glider bomb
Gotha P.58 cargo glider
Gotha P.60C tailless jet night fighter

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