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German Mine Sweeping Administration


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The German Mine Sweeping Administration (GMSA) was formed on 21 June 1945, under strict Allied control mainly the Royal Navy. The GMSA was made up of former Kriegsmarine vessels and crew, and their were approximately 300 ships and 27,000 personnel.

The German Mine Sweeping Administration was commanded by Commodore H.T. England second-in-command was Konteradmiral Fritz Kraus who had been in charge of minesweeping operations during the war.

The GMSA was divided into six divisions with their own area of operations.

1. Minenräumdivision based in Schleswig Holstein
2. Minenräumdivision based in Cuxhaven
3. Minenräumdivision based in Denmark
4. Minenräumdivision based in Norway
5. Minenräumdivision based in Netherlands
6. Minenräumdivision based in Bremen, US controlled division.

However on 1 January 1948 the German Mine Sweeping Administration (GMSA) was replaced with the German Mine Sweeping Formation, Cuxhaven.

The German Mine Sweeping Administration (GMSA) had the following ships that were operational.

M4, M9, M12, M21, M23, M24, M28, M32, M33, M35, M38, M81, M82, M85, M102, M104, M131, M154, M201, M202, M205, M251, M252, M253, M254, M256, M261, M265, M267, M275, M277, M278, M291, M294, M302, M306, M321, M322, M323, M326, M327, M328, M330, M341, M342, M361, M362, M364, M365, M369, M371, M373, M374, M375, M377, M386, M388, M389, M404, M405, M406, M408, M415, M423, M424, M425, M431, M432, M434, M436, M441, M442, M443, M446, M452, M453, M454, M455, M456, M460, M467, M470, M475, M476, M484, M495, M496, M601, M602, M603, M604, M605, M606, M607, M608, M609, M610, M611, M801, M803 and M806

R25, R26, R28, R30, R31, R32, R43, R47, R48, R49, R52, R53, R55, R58, R63, R65, R67, R68, R71, R76, R83, R87, R90, R91, R96, R98, R99, R100, R101, R102, R103, R105, R107, R113, R115, R117, R118, R120, R122, R124, R127, R128, R130, R132, R133, R134, R135, R136, R137, R138, R140, R142, R144, R146, R147, R148, R150, R152, R153, R154, R155, R156, R157, R159, R160, R167, R168, R170, R172, R173, R174, R175, R176, R181, R214, R220, R225, R226, R228, R229, R230, R233, R234, R236, R238, R240, R241, R242, R244, R245, R246, R249, R251, R252, R253, R254, R255, R257, R258, R259, R262, R264, R265, R266, R267, R268, R269, R270, R289, R290, R302, R303, R305, R307, R308, R310, R311, R312, R401, R403, R404, R405, R406, R407, R408, R409 and R424



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