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United States Labour Service


United States Labour Service (LSU)


The United States Labour Service was formed in 1945 after the surrender of Germany, and was under the control of United States Navy, this formation was active, well into 1957, many of the personnel and vessels went on to serve were then the German Federal Navy (Bundesmarine).

Unit A based in Heidelberg

The Labour Service Unit A was based in Heidelberg and formed at the end of World War II.

Unit B based in Bremerhaven

The Labour Service Unit B was formed at the end of World War II, with the intention of using Kriegsmarine personnel and ships to clear mines. The senior German commander of this unit was Hans John and had a following units.

M278 as M 202
M294 as M 201
M388 as M 203
M441 as M 205
M460 as M 204
M611 as M 206

R68 as USN 143
R76 as USN 145
R91 as USN 11
R99 as USN 148
R101 as USN 149
R120 as USN 139
R127 as USN 141
R128 as USN 151
R132 as USN 132
R134 as USN 134
R135 as USN 135
R136 as USN 136
R137 as USN 137
R138 as USN 138
R140 as USN 140
R142 as USN 142
R144 as USN 144
R146 as USN 146
R147 as USN 147
R150 as USN 150
R266 as USN 152
R406 as USN 154
R408 as USN 155

Unit C based in Schierstein in Wiesbaden

The Rhine River Patrol was formed in December 1948 and had its base, and headquarters in Schierstein in Wiesbaden and they performed security duties on the Rhine and were divided into the following units.

Unit Mike based in Sandhofen.
Unit Sugar based in Schierstein in Wiesbaden.
Unit King based in Karlsruhe. With the following vessels attached.

R68 as US 13 Tiger
R76 as leopard
R99 as Panther
R120 as Dorothea
R128 as Annegret
R266 as Rewo II
R403 as W. S. 1
R407 as Rewo



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