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Burmester was a German shipbuilding company, located in Burg-Lesum. Ships and U-boats built by Burmester include.

Ships and U-boats Built

R151 R-boat
R152 R-boat
R153 R-boat
R154 R-boat
R155 R-boat
R156 R-boat
R157 R-boat
R158 R-boat
R159 R-boat
R160 R-boat
R161 R-boat
R162 R-boat
R163 R-boat
R164 R-boat
R165 R-boat
R166 R-boat
R167 R-boat
R168 R-boat
R169 R-boat
R170 R-boat
R171 R-boat
R172 R-boat
R173 R-boat
R174 R-boat
R175 R-boat
R176 R-boat
R177 R-boat
R178 R-boat
R179 R-boat
R180 R-boat
R181 R-boat
R182 R-boat
R183 R-boat
R184 R-boat
R185 R-boat
R186 R-boat
R187 R-boat
R188 R-boat
R189 R-boat
R190 R-boat
R191 R-boat
R192 R-boat
R193 R-boat

R200 R-boat
R201 R-boat
R202 R-boat
R203 R-boat
R204 R-boat
R205 R-boat
R208 R-boat
R209 R-boat
R210 R-boat
R211 R-boat
R212 R-boat
R213 R-boat
R214 R-boat
R215 R-boat
R216 R-boat
R217 R-boat
R218 R-boat
R219 R-boat
R220 R-boat
R221 R-boat
R222 R-boat
R223 R-boat
R224 R-boat
R225 R-boat
R226 R-boat
R227 R-boat
R228 R-boat
R229 R-boat
R230 R-boat
R231 R-boat
R232 R-boat
R233 R-boat

R238 R-boat
R239 R-boat
R240 R-boat
R241 R-boat
R242 R-boat
R243 R-boat
R244 R-boat
R245 R-boat
R246 R-boat
R247 R-boat

R254 R-boat
R255 R-boat
R256 R-boat
R257 R-boat
R258 R-boat
R259 R-boat
R260 R-boat
R261 R-boat
R262 R-boat
R263 R-boat

R288 R-boat
R289 R-boat
R290 R-boat

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ISBN-10: 155750301X

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ISBN-10: 0668040378

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