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June 1936

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On 3 June 1936, Walther Wever flew from Berlin to Dresden, to give a lecture at the Luftkriegsakademie to a gathering of Luftwaffe cadets. When Walther Wever received the news of the passing of a First World War German hero, Walther Wever at once set off for Berlin. During his return journey, the Heinkel He 70 Blitz that he was flying hadn't been properly examined during preflight checks, and the aileron gust locks were not removed. The aircraft was airborne when the wing dipped, and the Heinkel He 70 stalled and went into a horizontal cartwheel. It crashed and exploded in flames, killing Walther Wever and his flight engineer.

Ernst Udet was appointed Director of the Technical Department of the Reichsluftfahrtministerium (RLM) on 9 June 1936, with responsibility for all new Luftwaffe aircraft. Ernst Udet department grew to a complex 26 departments and was split with inter-department rivalries. Ernst Udet failed to provide a firm leadership and his establishment soon broke down into chaos, although Ernst Udet, with no effective deputy and a poor staff seemed more happier when he was inaccessible visiting aircraft factories and airfields.

U-33 Submarine
Launched 11 June 1936

Tirpitz Battleship
Ordered 14 June 1936

Adolf Hitler departed from Venice on 16 June 1936, Italy, returning to Germany.

Heinrich Himmler was named the head of the first German national police force on 16 June 1936. Prior to this, police forces had always been under the jurisdiction of local states and not the national government.

On 24 June 1936, Wehrmacht General Werner von Blomberg drew up Case Green as a hypothetical campaign against Czechoslovakia.

The first prototype, of the Focke-Wulf Fw 61, had its first free flight on 26 June 1936 with Ewald Rohlfs at the controls.

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Heinkel He 70 Blitz

U-33 Submarine

Tirpitz Battleship

Focke-Wulf Fw 61

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