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July 1937

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Z6 Theodor Riedel Destroyer
Commissioned 2 July 1937

On 8 July 1937, Franco sends reinforcements to the Brunete front. With this the Brunete offensive achieves one of it main goals, the relief of the Basque army, giving the Republican troops in the north the possibility of reorganising their resistance. Franco sends 31 battalions, 7 batteries of artillery and the entire Condor Legion around 70 planes and several motorised units. The Condor Legion uses their new and improved Messerschmitts Bf 109's and Heinkel He 111's, superior to the Russian planes.

Adolf Hitler opened the Exhibition of German Art on 18 July 1937, but was outraged at some of the paintings, submitted for his approval, which he declared to be too modernist for display.

On 19 July 1937, In Munich, Germany, the Exhibition of Degenerate Art opened, containing some 650 exhibits confiscated from museums, galleries and public buildings by a committee set up by Joseph Goebbels. The Exhibition, opened by Adolf Ziegler, was an instant success with over two million visitors in the first four months; after which it went on tour around Germany.

On 19 July 1937, The Republican army retreats at Brunete, overwhelmed by the Nationalist forces. Until today the Republic, at terrible cost, held the bulge they created in taking Brunete. During this period, the Nationalists concentrated overwhelming artillery and air power on the bulge, drawing upon supplies that had been accumulated for the Santander offensive; the Republican had no uncommitted reserves of men or weapons upon which to draw. Hundreds of retreating Republican soldiers, whose lives could have been saved by retreating while the Republican air force was still able to limit the freedom of the Condor Legion, die under the machine gun fire of Heinkel He 111's and Messerschmitts Bf 109's. Gerda Taro, companion of Robert Capa, is heavily injured by an accident during the retreat.

On 30 July 1937, Dornier Do 18 flying boat Aeolus was seriously damaged during an ocean landing and was lost.

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Z6 Theodor Riedel Destroyer

Messerschmitts Bf 109's

Heinkel He 111's

Dornier Do 18

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