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May 1937

WWII Timeline

Events On This Day

Wilhelm Gustloff Hospital ship
Launched 5 May 1937

On 7 May 1937, The German Condor Legion Fighter Group, equipped with Heinkel He 51 biplanes, arrived in Spain to assist Francisco Franco's forces in the Spanish Civil War.

Z4 Richard Beitzen Destroyer
Commissioned 13 May 1937

Latona Hospital ship
Commissioned 16 May 1937

M2 Minesweeper
Launched 20 May 1937

On 21 May 1937, As one of the reprisals for the attempted assassination of Italian viceroy Rodolfo Graziani, a detachment of Italian troops massacres the entire community of Debre Libanos, killing 297 monks and 23 laymen.

Volkswagen was founded on 28 May 1937 as the Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens mbH (Society for the preparation of the German People's Car, abbreviated to Gezuvor) by the National Socialist Deutsche Arbeitsfront (German Labour Front). The purpose was production of a vehicle that could hold two adults and three children and be able to reach a top speed of the least 100 km/h and cost around the same price as a motorcycle at that time. The prototype would become known as the KdF-Wagen and would be one of the first for wind tunnel testing. By 1939 only 30 Volkswagen KdF-Wagens would be built before the factory would be converted to produce military vehicles to assist the German Military. This vehicle was designed by Ferdinand Porsche's consulting firm, and the company was backed by the support of Adolf Hitler

On 29 May 1937, The Kriegsmarine pocket battleship Deutschland was bombed by Spanish Republican aircraft off the Spanish coast. Thirty one German sailors were killed and 101 were injured.

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Heinkel He 51

Z4 Richard Beitzen Destroyer

Adolf Hitler Volkswagen picture 1

Adolf Hitler Volkswagen picture 2

Adolf Hitler Volkswagen picture 3

Adolf Hitler Volkswagen picture 4

Adolf Hitler Volkswagen picture 5

Adolf Hitler Volkswagen picture 6

Adolf Hitler Volkswagen picture 7

Z4 Richard Beitzen Destroyer

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The Second Great War.
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The War Illustrated.
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2194 Days Of War.
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