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August 1938

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Events On This Day

Z16 Friedrich Eckoldt Destroyer
Commissioned 2 August 1938

On 3 August 1938, The United Kingdom dispatched a mediator to Czechoslovakia in an attempt to persuade the Czechoslovakian leadership to cede Sudetenland

R26 R-boat
Launched 3 August 1938

Werner Lindenau
Takes command of the pre-dreadnought Schlesien on 4 August 1938 to 4 April 1939

On 6 August 1938, British Ambassador to Germany Nevile Henderson noted to German diplomats that the United Kingdom would not risk British lives over Czechoslovakia.

M12 Minesweeper
Launched 6 August 1938

M10 Minesweeper
Launched 9 August 1938

On 10 August 1938, At a secret summit with his leading generals, Adolf Hitler attacks General Ludwig Beck's arguments against Fall Grün, winning the majority of his senior officers over to his point of view.

T8 Torpedo boat
Launched 10 August 1938

On 12 August 1938, The German military was mobilised

F10 Escort
Commissioned 12 August 1938

Coronel Auxiliary cruiser
later night fighter control ship Launched 13 August 1938

Adolf Hitler announced to his military leaders on 15 August 1938, that he intended to resolve the Czechoslovakian situation with force.

Adolf Hitler issued a decree on 17 August 1938, confirming Heinrich Himmler's control over the armed SS in peacetime.

R30 R-boat
Launched 17 August 1938

On 18 August 1938, Ewald von Kleist-Schmenzin arrives in London looking for British support for an anti-Nazi putsch, using the looming crisis over the Sudetenland as a pretext. His private mission is dismissed by Neville Chamberlain as unimportant Chamberlain refers to Ludwig von Kleist as a Jacobite, but he finds a sympathetic if powerless audience in Winston Churchill.

On 18 August 1938, Colonel General Ludwig Beck, convinced that Adolf Hitler's decision to attack Czechoslovakia will lead to a general European war, resigns his position as Chief of the Army General Staff in protest.

Z21 Wilhelm Heidkamp Destroyer
Launched 20 August 1938

T12 Torpedo boat
Laid down 20 August 1938

Prinz Eugen Heavy cruiser
Launched 22 August 1938

Adolf Hitler hosted a dinner on board the ocean liner Patria in Kiel Bay on 23 August 1938 for Hungarian Regent Miklós Horthy, in an attempt to recruit him to assist in the aggression against Czechoslovakia, Adolf Hitler offered him Czechoslovakian territory for his help.

M11 Minesweeper
Launched 23 August 1938

Adolf Hitler asked his generals on 24 August 1938, to evaluate the possibility of the conquest and occupation of Belgium and the Netherlands.

Adolf Hitler toured the Westwall on 26 August 1938, defences in western Germany.

On 27 August 1938, General Ludwig Beck's leaves office as Chief of the General Staff, he is replaced by General Franz Halder.

On 28 August 1938, Lord Runciman's mission to mitigate the Sudetenland crisis begins to break down. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain recalls the British Ambassador Nevile Henderson from Berlin, to instruct Nevile Henderson to set up a personal meeting between Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler.

On 29 August 1938, While Adolf Hitler toured the Westwall defences in western Germany, Wehrmacht General Wilhelm Adam warned that Germany could not be able to defend against an invasion by France for more than three days should Germany deploy most of its forces for an invasion of Czechoslovakia. Adolf Hitler grew furious at General Wilhelm Adam, who would retire from service at the end of the year.

Z17 Diether von Roeder
Commissioned 29 August 1938

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Z16 Friedrich Eckoldt Destroyer

F10 Escort

Coronel Auxiliary cruiser

Z21 Wilhelm Heidkamp Destroyer

Prinz Eugen Heavy cruiser

Z17 Diether von Roeder

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