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March 1938

WWII Timeline

Events On This Day

On 3 March 1938, Sir Nevile Henderson, British Ambassador to Germany, presents a proposal to Adolf Hitler for an international consortium to rule much of Africa in which Germany would be assigned a leading role in exchange for a German promise never to resort to war to change her frontiers, Adolf Hitler rejects the British offer.

On 6 March 1938, The naval Battle of Cape Palos (the Nationalist heavy cruiser Baleares is sunk by Republican destroyers).

Adolf Hitler on 10 March 1938, ordered the Wehrmacht General Staff to review Case Otto for the invasion against Austria.

Adolf Hitler on 11 March 1938, formally issued a directive for the invasion of Austria, to be taken place on the following day.

The disparity between the declarations of 21 May 1935, and the events of 11 March 1938, prompted M. Mastny, the Czechoslovakian minister in Berlin, to convey to Field Marshal Hermann Göring on the same evening the apprehensions of the Czechoslovakian government. Field Marshall, Hermann Göring, immediately assured him that Germany had no hostile intentions against Czechoslovakia. I gave you my word of honour, he said, and I can add that we wish only for better relations.

On 11 and March 1938, Anschluss: German troops occupy Austria; annexation is declared the following day.

On 12 March 1938, Konstantin von Neurath informant M. Mastny officially in the name of the Reich Chancellor, that Germany had no hostile intentions towards Czechoslovakia. He alluded to the interest taken by Germany in the Sudeten Germans, but at the same time, expressed the hope that this domestic question of the Czechoslovakian state might be satisfactory settled.

On 13 March 1938, M. Mastny received a fifth assurance from Field Marshal Hermann Göring, that Germany had no hostile intentions against Czechoslovakia. With the consent of the German government. These assurances were communicated by Mr Chamberlain to the House of Commons on 14 March 1938.

On 13 March 1938, France reopens its borders for the transit of arms to the Republican zone.

On 14 March 1938, French Premier Léon Blum reassures the Czechoslovak government that France will honour its treaty obligations to aid Czechoslovakia in event of German invasion.

Adolf Hitler arrived in Vienna on 14 March 1938, in the recently annexed Austria region of Germany. The visit to Vienna, the Austrian capital, was intended to be for the first day of the occupation, but it was delayed until this date because Heinrich Himmler's Waffen SS could not complete the rounding up of all suspected elements in the city. In Britain, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain noted that little could have been done in the previous few days to alter Adolf Hitler's intended course of action regarding Austria.

Wilhelm Gustloff Hospital ship
Commissioned 15 March 1938

Thor HSK 4 Auxiliary cruiser
Launched 16 March 1938

On 18 March 1938, General Werner von Fritsch is acquitted of charges of homosexuality at his court-martial.

On 18 March 1938, Meeting between Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in the Brenner Pass, Benito Mussolini agreed to enter a war on the side of Germany at an opportune moment.

Adolf Hitler gave a speech at Königsberg on 25 March 1938, Germany; the approval of the annexation of Austria was his main concern.

The Dornier Do 18W flying boat established a seaplane record flying non-stop in a straight distance of 8,391 kilometres from Start Point, Devon, England, United Kingdom to Caravelas, Brazil on 27 March 1938.

Adolf Hitler and Konrad Henlein meet in Berlin on 28 March 1938. Konrad Henlein is ordered to think of a demand which the Czechoslovakian government could not possibly agree to, and to make that the main demand of the Sudetenland National Socialist Party.

Robert Ley B Hospital ship
Launched 29 March 1938

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Thor HSK 4 Auxiliary cruiser

Dornier Do 18

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