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May 1938

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Events On This Day

On 3 May 1938, The German diplomats in London, England, United Kingdom reported that the British and the French were likely to support the German bid for the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia in order to avoid war.

On 5 May 1938, The Vatican recognise Francisco Franco's government in Spain.

Ludwig Beck, Chief of the Wehrmacht Army's General Staff, submits a memorandum to Adolf Hitler on 5 May 1938, opposing Fall Grün, the plan for a war with Czechoslovakia, under the grounds that Germany is ill-prepared for the world war likely to result from such an attack.

7 May 1938 The United Kingdom and France urged Czechoslovakia to make concessions to Germany over the issue of Sudetenland.

R27 R-boat
Launched 11 May 1938

Adolf Hitler on 16 May 1938, asked his top Wehrmacht commanders how many Wehrmacht divisions were on the border with Czechoslovakia and were ready to move within a twelve hour window. The answer he received was twelve.

Adolf Hitler on 17 May 1938, asked for the latest intelligence report on Czechoslovakian border defences.

On 20 May 1938, The Wehrmacht General Staff updated the Case Green military scenario. Meanwhile, Czechoslovakian officials in Prague sent Germany a telegram demanding explanation on the arrival of Wehrmacht troops in Saxony near the border the information that the Czechoslovakians had regarding the Wehrmacht troop movement was either inaccurate, or the Czechoslovakians had intercepted German messages regarding Case Green and were testing the Germans to confirm their suspicions.

On 20 May 1938, Czechoslovakia orders a partial mobilisation of its armed forces along the German border.

On 21 May 1938, British Ambassador Nevile Henderson met with German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop twice in Berlin, Germany on this date in regards to the tension over Czechoslovakia. British Foreign Minister Lord Halifax likewise met with German Ambassador Herbert von Dirksen in Berlin, Germany.

Gneisenau Battleship
Commissioned 21 May 1938

Erich Förste
Takes command of the Battleship Gneisenau on 21 May 1938 to 25 November 1939

On 23 May 1938, German Ambassador Herbert von Dirksen in London, England, United Kingdom noted that Germany had no intention of military aggression over Czechoslovakia.

On 23 May 1938, Temporarily hindered by the Czechoslovak mobilisation and international diplomatic unity in the face of German demands over the Sudetenland, Adolf Hitler orders the Foreign Office to tell the Czechoslovaks that he has no demands on their territory. The world at large mistakenly believes the crisis is averted.

On 25 May 1938, Spanish Civil War, Alicante, Spain is bombed by fascist rebels, resulting in 313 deaths.

On 25 May 1938, The Soviet ambassador to the United States, A.A. Troyanovsky, declares Moscow ready to defend Czechoslovakia.

R28 R-boat
Launched 25 May 1938

Adolf Hitler on 28 May 1938, ordered the Wehrmacht to prepare for an invasion of Czechoslovakia and ordered the mobilisation of 96 Wehrmacht divisions and the preparation was to complete by 2 October 1938.

The Wehrmacht General Staff on 30 May 1938, updated the Case Green military scenario, which was now being used as an invasion plan for Czechoslovakia.

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Gneisenau Battleship

R28 R-boat

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2194 Days Of War.
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