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May 1939

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Events On This Day

M9 Minesweeper
Commissioned 5 May 1939

R40 R-boat
Launched 5 May 1939

On 6 May 1939, Italian Foreign Minister Galeazzo Ciano met with his German opposite number Joachim von Ribbentrop in Milan, Italy, where Galeazzo Ciano informed Joachim von Ribbentrop that Italy wouldn't be ready for war for another three years. Joachim von Ribbentrop noted the comment, and informed Galeazzo Ciano that Adolf Hitler did not yet have any plans for war.

On 6 May 1939, Carl Friedrich Goerdeler tells the British government that the German and Russian governments are secretly beginning a reconciliation with the aim of carving up Eastern Europe between them. Carl Friedrich Goerdeler also informs the British of German economic problems which he states threaten the survival of the national socialist regime, and advises that if a firm stand is made for Poland, then Adolf Hitler will be deterred from war.

On 7 May 1939, Wehrmacht Generals Karl von Rundstedt, Erich von Manstein, and other Wehrmacht General Staff members presented to Adolf Hitler an invasion plan for Danzig and Poland.

On 9 May 1939,Spain leaves the League of Nations.

On 17 May 1939, Sweden, Norway, and Finland refuse Germany's offer of nonaggression pacts.

On 22 May 1939, Germany and Italy sign the Pact of Steel.

Adolf Hitler on 23 May 1939, held a long speech to his top Wehrmacht commanders, starting by noting Danzig as a means to engage Poland in a war to gain Lebensraum (living space) for the German people, and then divagating to note the possibility of war with United Kingdom and France, the need to occupy the Low Countries for their airfields, and strategies for a war in western Europe and the Atlantic.

On 28 May 1939, The Italian Foreign Minister Count Ciano visited Berlin, Germany where he was given a great reception in his honour by Adolf Hitler.

On 29 May 1939, Albanian fascist leader Tefik Mborja is appointed as member of the Italian Chamber of Fasces and Corporations.

M10 Minesweeper
Commissioned 30 May 1939

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The Second Great War.
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The War Illustrated.
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2194 Days Of War.
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