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27th November 1940

WWII Timeline

Events On This Day

The British Admiralty announced that British naval forces in Mediterranean made contact with Italian fleet, and that enemy retired at high speed towards his base. One enemy cruiser set on fire by gun fire and two destroyers badly hit. Aircraft of Fleet Air Arm torpedoed a battleship of Littorio class. Enemy bombers scored two hits which slightly damaged HMS Berwick.

Coastal Command aircraft torpedoed two Kriegsmarine tankers near Frisian Islands.

The British Royal Air Force (RAF) Again directed main offensive against Cologne. Other aircraft bombed invasion ports of Antwerp, Le Havre and Boulogne, and several aerodromes.

Heavy night raid on Plymouth, planes coming over in continued relays. Bombs fell intermittently in London.

Luftwaffe lost 11 aircraft. Two British fighters lost but both pilots safe.

The Greek War, Greeks continuing their action on Albanian territory. Air Force successfully bombed enemy concentrations, columns and batteries. Italian planes active on front, they also bombed villages in Epirus, Corfu, Cephalonia, Crete and port of Patras.

In Romania iron Guard executed 64 political prisoners in Bucharest.

Sir Robert Kindersley announced that in one years effort £475,532,981 had been raised by war savings.

General Catroux appointed High Commissioner of Free France and General de Gaulle's representative in Near East.

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HMS Manchester

HMS MANCHESTER, a 9,400 ton cruiser of the same class as the ill-fated HMS Southampton, was commissioned in 1938, and since then has seen war service in many seas, from the Indian Ocean to beyond the Arctic Circle. In the spring of 1940 she was promoted to be flagship of Vice-Admiral Sir Geoffrey Layton, second in command of the Home Fleet, and took part in the Namsos, Aandalsnes and Molde operations of the Norwegian coast. In November of lasts year she was sent to reinforce Admiral Sir James Somervilles squadron in the Western Mediterranean and led the line when that; force chased an Italian Fleet sighted off Sardinia on 27 November 1940. The big silk ensign presented to the ship by the Corporation of Manchester to be flown in action was hoisted for the first time, and cheers broke out from the crew as it was broken at the masthead. But the Italian squadron, despite immense superiority in numbers, refused battle and made for their; home base. The HMS Manchester set one enemy? cruiser ablaze aft and then hit (and probably? sank) a destroyer before the greater speed? of the Italian vessels enabled them to get? away. Prior to this action the HMS Manchester which has no ancestors in the Navy List, had? therefore no battle honours. Today here honours board bears the name of her first? victory Spartivento, l940. In a year she has steamed 55,000 miles.
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The Second Great War.
Edited by Sir John Hamilton

The War Illustrated.
Edited by Sir John Hamilton

2194 Days Of War.
ISBN-10: 086136614X

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WWII Timeline
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