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11th December 1941

WWII Timeline

Events On This Day

The British Royal Air Force (RAF) carried out more daylight raids on objectives in North West Germany.

Russian Front, Soviet troops continued to advance in many sectors. A hundred villages recaptured in the Russian counter-attacks around Yelets. Many villages also recaptured in the Tikhvin area. Soviet advance continued on the Southern Front.

In Africa, Mr, Churchill announced that General Sir Alan Cunningham had been replaced as commander of the 8th Army by Major General N. M. Ritchie.

Far East, Penang heavily bombed. Reports stated that Japanese attacks of the Philippines, Malaya and Hong Kong were being successfully held. Australian bombers based on Dutch East Indies raided Japanese air bases on Pobra Island.

Very slight Luftwaffe activity over Northeast England by night.

Italy and Germany declared war on the United States of America and the United States of America declared war against Germany and Italy.

Sir Winston Churchill on Russia six weeks or a month ago people were wondering whether Moscow would be taken, or Leningrad or how soon the Wehrmacht would overrun the Caucasus and then the oilfields of Baku. We had to consider what we could do to prepare ourselves on the long front from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean. Since then a striking fact has become evident. The enormous power of the Russian Army and the glorious steadfastness and energy shown in resisting the frightful assault have now been made plain. On the top of this has come the Russian winter, and on top of that the Russian Air Force. Adolf Hitler forced his armies into this barren and devastated land. He has everywhere been brought to a standstill. On a large portion of the front he is in retreat. The sufferings of his troops are indescribable. Their losses have been immense.

The cold, snow, and piercing winds blow across the icy spaces and ruined towns and villages, and along the lines of communication assaulted by guerillas. There is a stubborn unyielding resistance by the Russian people who defend every stone, every house and every yard of their soil. All these have inflicted upon the Wehrmacht Army and the German nation a bloody prop. Almost unequalled in the history of the war. This is not the end of the winter. It is the beginning The Russians have now regained a definite superiority in the air over large parts of the front. They have the great cities in which to live. Their soldiers are habituated to the severity of their native climate, and they are inspired with the feeling of advance after a long retreat and of vengeance for monstrous injury.

In Adolf Hitler's launching of the Nazi campaign on Russia we can now see, after less than six months of fighting, that he has made one of the outstanding blunders of history, and the result so far realised constitutes an event of cardinal importance in the final decision of the war. House of Commons, 11 December 1941.

Hawaiian Air Force. United States Army Air Force (USAAF) 6 B-18 Bolo medium bomber fly sea search mission from Hawaiian Islands. Similar missions by B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bombers, B-18 Bolo medium bomber, and A-20 Havoc light bombers are flown each day for the remainder of the year; several submarines are sighted and some are attacked but without positive evidence of hits.

Zone of Interior. Second and Fourth Air Forced are assigned to Western Defence Command.

R179 R-boat
Launched 11 December 1941

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The Second Great War.
Edited by Sir John Hamilton

The War Illustrated.
Edited by Sir John Hamilton

2194 Days Of War.
ISBN-10: 086136614X

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