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19th February 1942

WWII Timeline

Events On This Day

The British Admiralty announced that two E-boats destroyed during night attack on a British convoy. One Luftwaffe bomber destroyed and four others damaged.

Russian Front, Capture of Kresty, 80 miles North West of Smolensk, announced by Russians.

Far East, Japanese who had crossed the Bilin River driven back. Chunking announced new overland route in use to replaces Burma Road. Rangoon stated to be closed as a port of entry and its approaches mined. Allied reinforcements reported to have reached Java. United States fighters shot down Japanese planes over Surabaya. Fierce fighting in Palembang area, Sumatra.

Important changes in the War Cabinet announced. Air Marshal Harris appointed Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief (AOC-in- C). Bomber Command. Night bomber raided East Anglia Anglian town.

In Australia, 72 Japanese bombers raided Port Darwin, on northern coast of Australia, at 10 a.m. Second raid, by 21 bombers, about noon. At least six enemy aircraft destroyed.

The Riom Trial 19 February 1942 to 21 May 1943 was an attempt by the Vichy France regime, headed by Marshal Philippe Pétain, to prove that the leaders of the French Third Republic 1870–1940 had been responsible for France's defeat by the Wehrmacht in 1940. The trial was held in the city of Riom, and had mainly political aims, namely to project the responsibility of defeat on the leaders of the Popular Front government that had been elected in 1936.

Fifth Air Force. Operating out of Malang, Madioen, and Jogjakarta, A-24 Banshee dive bomber, with P-40 escort, and B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bombers attack vessel landing troops on Bali. The attacks, carried out during the afternoon of 19 February 1942 and throughout the morning of 20 February 1942, cause considerable damage to vessels but fail to halt the landings. P-40 fighters shoot down or turn back several bombers weeping West over Java. Japanese aeroplane attack Darwin, bombing vessels loaded with troops destined for defence of Koepang on Timor Island. 10 P-40 fighters sent to Darwin to escort the convoy are almost entirely wiped out by the attack.

Seventh Air Force. VII A fighter-bomber C is activated.

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The Second Great War.
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2194 Days Of War.
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