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25th October 1942

WWII Timeline

Events On This Day

The British Admiralty announced the loss of trawler HMS Lord Stonehaven which was sunk on the 2 October 1942 by the Kriegsmarine motor torpedo boat S-112.

Russian Front. The Wehrmacht ground forces occupied two streets in Stalingrad.

In the Mediterranean. It was announced that British submarines had sunk or damaged 12 Axis supply ships.

In Africa. The state of affairs of the 10th Armoured Division in the corridor through the minefields has become very hard by the early hours of the morning, but at 3.30 a.m. Bernard Law Montgomery affirms that the endeavour to break through must carry on, cost what it may. Midday the British commanding officer chooses to alter his plan of attack, changing the pivot of the offensive to the north. The main attack is given to the Australian 9th Division, supported by the 1st Armoured Division. Especially violent fighting is reported around Kidney Ridge. The Afrika Corps 15. Panzer-Division suffers heavy losses at the 119 panzers it started with in the morning being reduced to 39 panzers. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel speeds back to Africa. The tankers Proserpimz and Luisiarzo, loaded with petrol for the nearly empty panzers of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel vehicles, are sunk in Tobruk Harbour.

In China. Allied air force aircraft bombed Hong Kong.

In India. Japanese air force aircraft raided Chittagong and United States aerodromes in Assam.

In Australasia. The Japanese ground forces launched land, air and sea attack against United States of America positions at Guadalcanal.

United States Army, Middle East Air Forces (USAMEAF). Battle of El Alamein continues as General Montgomery decides to make main effort on North flank of 30 Corps. Australian 9th Division drives North toward coastal road to Rahman. B-25 Mitchell medium bombers disperse motor transport and other targets in support of ground forces. P-40 fighters on escort attack vehicles and other targets. Fighters claim several aeroplanes destroyed in combat heavy bombers sent to bomb Bengasi harbour and a convoy at sea fail to reach targets as bad weather prevails.

Tenth Air Force. Japanese aircraft attack airfields connected with the India-China air transport route, heavily bombing Dinjan and Chabua fields and scoring hits also at Mohanbari and Sookerating. 10 United States aeroplanes are destroyed and 17 badly damaged; 9 Japanese aircraft are downed. 12 B-25 Mitchell medium bombers and 7 P-40 fighters of Chine Air Task Force (CATF), led by Colonel Merian C Cooper, hit Kowloon Docks at Hong Kong. 21 aeroplanes intercept. 1 B-25 Mitchell medium bombers and 1 P-40 are shot down. This marks the first loss of a Chine Air Task Force (CATF) B-25 Mitchell medium bombers in combat. The Japanese interceptors are virtually annihilated. During 25-26 October 1942. 6 B-25 Mitchell medium bombers, on first Chine Air Task Force (CATF) night strike, continue pounding Hong Kong, bombing North Port power plant which provides electricity for the shipyards. 3 other B-25 Mitchell medium bombers bomb the secondary target, Canton warehouse area, causing several large explosions and fires.

Fifth Air Force. United States Army Air Force (USAAF) B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bombers bomb shipping at Rabaul. A-20 Havoc light bombers bomb and strafe Isurava-Kokoda trail, West bank of Kumusi River, and area North of Asisi as Australian ground forces push toward Kokoda in the Owen Stanley Range.

South Pacific (SOPAC). Japanese ground assaults on defence lines around Henderson Field are again thrown back. Marine and Army Air Forces fighters continue to inflict telling losses on Japanese Navy aircraft. During the afternoon, a B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bombers on sea search mission sights powerful Task Force North West of Santa Cruz Island, heading for Guadalcanal.

Eleventh Air Force. Alert only a weather permits.

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