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25th July 1943

WWII Timeline

Events On This Day

In Sicily. Capture of Trapani announced.

In Italy. Benito Mussolini, Fascist Dictator of Italy, resigned. King Victor Emmanuel assumed supreme control of Italian armed forces, Marshal Pietro Badoglio became Premier.

Russian Front. The Russians made further advances against the Wehrmacht ground forces in the Orel sector.

The British Royal Air Force (RAF) Lancasters, Halifaxes, Stirlings, Wellingtons, Mosquitos attack Essen, Krupps armament centre, which was subjected to 2,000 ton bomb attack, for loss of 26 bomber aircraft. The British Royal Air Force (RAF) Mosquitoes raided Cologne and Hamburg, no losses.

Eighth Air Force. 218 United States Army Air Force (USAAF) heavy bombers bomb targets in Germany, with shipyard at Hamburg and Kriegsmarine U-boat base at Kiel as major targets. 19 heavy bombers are lost, mostly to effective formation attacks by Luftwaffe fighters. This raid on Hamburg is part of 6 Combined Bomber Offensive (Plan) missions against that port city and follows a raid of the previous night during which nearly 750 The British Royal Air Force (RAF) heavy bombers did tremendous damage to the target. Bergen, one of the scheduled targets, is completely obscured by clouds and no bombing attempt is made there because of the policy of no indiscriminate bombing over enemy occupied countries. 13 B-26 Marauder medium bombers hit coke ovens at Ghent.

Northwest African Air Forces (NAAF). Northwest African Tactical Air Force (NATAF), medium bombers, light bombers, and fighters during night and day raids, attack shipping and docks at Milazzo and in Santo Stefano di Camastra-Orlando area, and hit roads and motor transport, bridges and armour concentration in Orlando-Adrano-Troina-Nicosia areas. United States Seventh Army makes slow progress along North coastal road, while British Eighth Army's 30 Corps takes part in hard fighting in Agira area.

Ninth Air Force. United States Army Air Force (USAAF) B-25 Mitchell medium bombers bomb docks and shipping at Milazzo. Almost 100 P-40 fighters strafe and bomb Milazzo, Taormina, and Catania harbour. Other P-40 fighters escort C-47 Skytrain transport aircraft.

Fourteenth Air Force. 9 United States Army Air Force (USAAF) B-25 Mitchell medium bombers, escorted by 17 P-40 fighters and P-38 Lightning fighters, bomb Hankow airfield.

Fifth Air Force. Single United States Army Air Force (USAAF) B-24 Liberator heavy bombers attack large transport vessel West North West of Buka Passage and bomb Lingat, Adaoet, and area near Finschhafen.

Thirteenth Air Force. General Twining becomes Commander Air Solomons (COMAIRSOLS). Fighter Command and Bomber Command, Solomons, are taken over by General Strother and Colonel William A Matheny, respectively; Strother retains his position as Commanding General XIII Fighter Command. The Japanese try to hit United States forces on Rendova Island but Allied fighters shoot down several Zeros (8 claimed) and force the enemy bombers to drop their bombs indiscriminately. Final push on Japanese base at Munda opens with bombardment by 7 destroyers and the heaviest air attack in South Pacific (SOPAC) to date. 170 B-24 Liberator heavy bombers, B-25 Mitchell medium bombers , B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bombers, Navy torpedo Bomber, and SBD Dauntless dive bomber, covered by more than 70 fighters, pound the target thoroughly, dropping more than 145 tons of bombs in little more than a half hour. Later in the afternoon 10 more B-24 Liberator heavy bombers, with fighters cover, bomb Bibolo Hill, and SBD Dauntless dive bomber and Navy torpedo Bomber dive-bomb gun positions. Later in the day, gun positions Northeast of Kindu Village are hit. 43d and 37th Divisions open ground assault against firmly entrenched enemy.

Eleventh Air Force. 343d Fighter Group moves from Adak to Amchitka. 40 P-40 fighters fly 7 attack missions (2 by Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) pilots) bombing and strafing North Head antiaircraft batteries, runway, Main Camp, and Little Kiska.

R186 R-boat
Sunk 25 July 1943

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