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16th August 1945

WWII Timeline

Events On This Day

A defeated German Reich was carved up into 7 areas so that the allies France, Britain, the United States of America, and Russia could put troops to occupy it. One section of Germany was Frances responsibility and two sections each would go to the rest of the allies.

In Tokyo. The Emperor issues an Imperial Rescript (decree) at 1600 hours (local time) ordering all Japanese forces to cease fire. The Cabinet resigns. General Prince Higashikumi becomes the prime minister of Japan and forms a new government. He orders the Imperial Army to obey the Emperor's call and lay down their arms.

In China. The Soviet commander, Marshal Vassilevsky, calls on the Japanese Kwantung Army in Manchuria to surrender by 20 August 1945. There is no reply from the Japanese headquarters, but from 1900 hours many Japanese units begin to surrender.

In London. In the House of Commons, Mr Winston Churchill, now leader of the opposition, speaks of an iron curtain descending across Europe. Mr Winston Churchill expresses particular concern over the forcible expulsion, and fate, of ethnic Germans from territory allotted to Poland in the west to compensate for territory taken by the USSR in the east. He also notes developments in the newly communist dominated countries in eastern Europe.

In Moscow. The governments of Poland and the USSR sign a treaty which fixes the new frontier.

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The Second Great War.
Edited by Sir John Hamilton

The War Illustrated.
Edited by Sir John Hamilton

2194 Days Of War.
ISBN-10: 086136614X

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WWII Timeline
World War Two Timeline, detailing every event, day by day from 1935 through to 1945.
WWII Timeline

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